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TeamNickel Goes to Texas part 3: The Struggle is Real!

Yo NickelNation, how’s your Tuesday?

Short update today, got part 3 of the vlog uploaded which I’ll paste below. Also did a little intro with TeamNickel Bubbles this morning for the NMO. Gonna be a great week and can’t wait to see what comes of the vlog.

Got a little R&R tomorrow, gonna play some stick and ball on the links with Igor, our buddy Ben from the West Texas bowling team, and Tyler Jensen of Storm. May record some vlog footage then as well, we’ll see how it goes!

I was asked to be a pro for the NMO ProAm tomorrow at 8 where I will also be debuting the first of my three new High5 jerseys!

Gonna be a ton of fun, lets get this week going!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


TeamNickel Goes to Texas part 2: The Tournament

Hey NickelNation! Hope your Monday has been great!

Short update today, got part 2 of the Amarillo vlog up and running on YouTube which I’ll post below. Also, managed to pull out the win in my Sunday Night Sport League! FREE ENTRY BABY! The way that the points worked out, I ended up only needing one win out of four to secure the spot. I ended up winning three and that was all she wrote!

Also bowled the first NMO sweeper tonight. It was on the first version of the NMO pattern. I can honestly say that so far, it isn’t all that bad. I went minus 20 for 4  and finished 4th but that could have been much much higher if it wasn’t for some awful spare shooting. My 900 Global Dream Big Solid was the ball of choice and I struck a ton! I’m sure the pattern will be changed here shortly but for now, as long as I got my breakpoint to about 7 or 8 with a lot of forward roll, it was great!

Gonna do some vlog prep in the morning and then start drilling a ton of pieces in the lab for some customers. This is going to be a great New Mexico Open, and I hope you all enjoy it with me!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels, friends!

TeamNickel Goes to Texas part 1: The Trip

Alright NickelNation, it is time!

Finally got the vlog edited and part 1 is now up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! It’s my first ever attempt at a vlog and my phone camera isn’t the very best but not to to horrible I hope. Igor and I had a really fun time creating this and I’d like to continue doing it throughout my travels. Next up is the NMOpen and I’ll try to get some footage and insight from the competitors throughout the tournament.

On a side note, tomorrow is the local USBC awards banquet and then the final night of league right after. Gotta win some matches to guarantee my free entry into the NMO. I’ll give an update after along with part 2 of the vlog!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


Practice Video Upload

Good evening Nickel Nation, hope this weekend is treating you well so far!

I figured out how to edit my practice video on my phone and got that uploaded to YouTube. Sorry about the lack of transitions, music, or effects. Gonna look into a good easy-to-use video editor and hopefully get good at making some awesome videos for you all!

So, as it says in the video description, I’m using my 900 Global Boost Hybrid (pin down) and my Respect Solid (pin up). Neither of these balls are in my typical tournament arsenal and I thought it would be good to practice with equipment that I’m not entirely comfortable with. This video is in no way a ball review and certainly not designed to glamorize the equipment or myself. That being said, these balls do roll extremely well, they’re just more condition specific for me which is why I don’t always take them everywhere. But again, this video is just a companion to this blog to show how my practices go and what I work on.

During this practice, I was strictly working on my lines and trying to keep my walk and my swing going forward without allowing my shoulders to rotate too too open. In the video, if you pay attention to my second step, you’ll notice that when my foot opens to the right, my hips and shoulders open up, my swing goes behind my back, and in return, I over rotate at release and my follow through goes to the left of my head. Not an extremely bad thing as you’ll see plenty of PBA pros with this type of follow through but they are doing it on purpose and not as a result of an early, over-rotation of the release. You’ll see that when my second step is straight and right in front of my left foot, it keeps my hips and swing straight, and it puts me in a much better position at release with my elbow in and my follow through going directly to my breakpoint. This also makes me roll through the ball a lot better, raises my track closer to my fingers and thumb, and creates a much more powerful bowling ball for me personally. Not something that completely works for everyone but with my string-bean body type, I have to keep my lines under control or else I will just spray shots all over the lane and then get frustrated when I pure one for 9.

Decided that I will bowl the sweeper tomorrow morning because I want a good house shot tune-up for Amarillo next week with Igor. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Right now, since Scotty is killing it on the house china with his IQ30 at 1500 grit, I figured I would try my Black Ops and X at similar surface and see if I can get a somewhat decent look tomorrow. Would really be happy with a 220+ average and 90% pocket percentage!

Anyways, Nation, hope you learn something from the video, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Until next time, keep dropping those nickels!