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Igor’s YouTube Upload

Good afternoon keglers!

Just a small update today. Uploaded Scott’s final shot of his 300 yesterday. He was using his Storm IQ30 which he drilled himself in the lab. Igor is a Vise staff member and was using the Interchangeable Thumb system. His IQ was drilled 55x4x35 and he had his surface at 1500 dull.

That’s about it for today, gonna head home and enjoy the rest of my Saturday. Back at it tomorrow night for the Sunday Sport league. I’m leading by half a point with only a couple weeks left. Gotta stay on top to win a spot in the New Mexico Open! Also have the annual local USBC meeting tomorrow where Igor will be running for a board position. I’ll keep you all updated on that, hopefully good things coming.

Until then, keep dropping those nickels! G’bye!