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What it do, Keglers?!

Super excited to write this today because it was a very successful day bowling wise and it was all pain free! I have no idea why but my knee stopped hurting last night and I woke up today and felt great even through two practice sessions! Went to twirl the tater out at Silva Lanes in ABQ where they filmed some scenes for the show Breaking Bad. (It was a bingo parlor in the show and the word bingo can still be seen on the side of the building!) The goal for today was to be more consistent with my delivery and bring my pitiful pocket percentage up higher. I brought my 900 Global Inception, Chemical X, Special Ops, and Drift.

Bowling on a house shot so I expected to score higher and therefore hit the pocket a lot more. The numbers looked like this: 4 games shot 889.  Pocket percentage as expected went up to 80%. Struck 29 times for 78%. Flagged one freaking 10 pin which really pissed me off so my non-split spare percentage was 91%. One pocket 7-10 and 2 other splits for a 10% open frame clip. So, all in all, it was a pretty good little sesh and I’m happy with my higher pocket percentage. I have to get that closer to 90% on every pattern to compete with the big dog pros so I need even more consistency with my shot making but headed there!

After the “bingo parlor” we headed back to the home house to put in some work in my pro shop “the laboratory” before heading back out onto the lanes for another practice round with a good friend that I’ve been trying to help get more revs and consistent power. TeamNickel Papa T showed me an article that brought up some great points and reminded me of some things that should help me with my consistency. It talked about focusing on maintaining pressure on the V between your pointer and middle finger all the way through the swing. Then at release, making sure that you are rotating your hand THROUGH the ball and not necessarily around the ball. Stuff that I have known forever but makes a huge difference when you actually go back to the roots and practice it. The article also talked about spine tilt and how it’s important in today’s modern game. I realized that in my setup, I’ve been too far upright and it makes it extremely difficult to maintain a balanced spine tilt. Decided to try getting just a little bit more forward lean in my setup and it made a world of difference! Just that little move along with focusing on my grip pressure and I was posting every single shot. Pretty stoked and can’t wait to keep moving forward.

Super long day, out of the apartment at 9:30 and back home at 10. Gonna do a little R&R in the morning on the golf course with TeamNickel Igor and then back to work for a shift in the laboratory. Really hoping that I wake up tomorrow still pain free and that it wasn’t all just a good dream. Probably not gonna be able to get in any practice tomorrow but hopefully Saturday to build on the progress I feel was made today!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels! DrPankl signing off, G’bye!