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Team Nickel 300!!!

What’s up Keglers and happy Friday!

Today was spent on the golf course with Scotty (TeamNickel Igor) and Josh (TeamNickel Bubbles) followed with some ball drilling in the Lab. Rio Rancho High School won this year’s New Mexico State Championship and in doing so qualified to bowl Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale Florida in a couple of weeks. So it’s been my job to make sure that their equipment is ready to enable them to compete at the highest high school level. I love bowling tournaments and competing but it’s also rewarding to see others succeed with equipment that I’ve drilled for them.

But, the real story of today was TeamNickel’s Igor (Scott Wiley) not only dropping a nickel or two, but shooting BILLZ!!! Huge congrats to my man Scotty on his 300! His first sanctioned as an adult. He’s been knocking on that door for months now with a few close calls and finally broke that wall with a perfect perfecto! I’ll be uploading the video of his final shot most likely tomorrow with some more info on ball, layout, surface and series.

That’s about it for me today, more work in the laboratory tomorrow and maybe some practice afterwards if I’m feeling frisky. No pain in the knee again today, thank God, so hopefully it’s on the mend.

Until then, keep dropping those nickels (and billz)!!! G’bye!

-TeamNickel DrPankl