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Back Home

Good evening NickelNation!

Back home and getting back into the grind of things after the weekend in Amarillo. I took a lot of video and will be uploading the completed vlog here soon. Therefore, I’m not going to go into a ridiculous amount of detail on the tournament and just give the main points.

Igor and I had a great day on Saturday during qualifying. We finished up in 6th on the day out of 48 teams so were sitting pretty. I used my pin down 900 Global Black Ops to start and went with my pin up Black Ops to finish. I had a chance at 300 at one point but flat 10’d the 11th for 289. Igor used his 900 Global Dream On (pin up) for most of the day and he had some monster games that really kept us going.

Day two was a completely different story. The lanes played a lot tighter which totally took the gutter out of play for me which had looked so good on Saturday! I moved in with the pin down B.O. and had to just pure shots to get it close. If I missed it at all at the bottom, the ball would never hook and smack the 3,6 in the face. So then I’d make sure that I get through it the right way and the ball would go face. Lot’s of over-under which I always seem to see on house shots. The carry was the real story though as me and Igor could not get all 10 to fall consistently. The racks were pretty consistently pinched and it was so easy to flat 10. Even re-racking didn’t help because it was just a consistent issue with the racks. Even with the issue, we tried to stay positive but were fighting an uphill battle. Scores from the top stayed pretty big for the most part while we were falling apart.

We dropped all the way to 12th for the last cash spot but at least made money back. The tournament itself was a ton of fun, met a lot of great people, and was run very very well. Thank you to Trey Sledge and Eastridge lanes for putting on the event and we can’t wait to come back.

After the tournament we booked it back home so that I could make it to the Sunday Sport League. I’m still in the lead by a point and a half with 2 weeks to go so I had to make sure that I was there and prepared to bowl my best. Still on the long Rome pattern and I’m guessing because of all the games bowled this weekend and the fact that it was so tight, I felt great! I used my 900G Dream Big sanded to 500 and made great shots. I won my first 3 games handily and was sitting at 700 when all of a sudden, the power went out in the bowl! Come to find out, almost the entire city went dark and was out for a couple of hours. Soooo, league is postponed until next Sunday. Gonna have to make up that last game, get the lanes re-oiled and then roll off for the championship. Usually leagues don’t get me fired up but just the fact that I know that people are now following me along on this journey, it’s gotten me a little bit more pumped up.

Sorry again for not posting in a while, trying to get that vlog up soon. Looking forward to some good practice and then head into the New Mexico Open week in a few days. Definitely one of the most hectic but enjoyable weeks of the year since it always lands on my birthday  and I get to see all of my bowling friends from around the country!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels! Peeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaacccccceeeeee!