900 Global X

Ball Info

Company: 900 Global

Name: X (#1 pin down)

Cover: S57 Solid

Box Finish: 2500 grit

Core: Pod Symmetric

Weight of Ball Reviewed: 15

Rg: 2.49

Differential: 0.035

Intermediate Differential: n/a


Bowler Info

Name: Billy Grant

Affiliations: 900 Global, AMF300, and 3G staff member

Rev Rate: 400

Speed: 16mph

PAP: 4 9/16>1/2^

Average: 230+



Dual Angle: 55 x 4 ½ x 70


This layout places the pin under my bridge with the cg kicked right. No xtra hole was needed on this ball.

Layout Intended Purpose:

For me, this pin under my bridge layout without an extra hole is very versatile and controllable. It’s my favorite layout due to its earlier read and predictable backend motion. I can typically start on fresher patterns with this type of layout and continue to move deeper on the lane throughout the night. It isn’t until I start seeing flat 10’s that I’m required to change to a ball with a higher pin position.

Surfaces Used On Ball:

For me, the out of box finish on this ball was extremely early! Much earlier than I had expected since it is only finished at 2500 grit. So far, in my experience, the neat pads seem to really dig into the ball for a box finish. This was great for me on fresher house shots or longer sport shots, but at the same time, not what I had expected from a lower differential symmetric. In order to fit it into my arsenal a little bit better, I retouched it up with a 2000 grit pad and just a touch of polish. Like this, it was MUCH cleaner through the fronts and gave it a little bit more pop on the backend. I’m finding that I really like medium-smoother surfaces on my Global balls and the X is no different. After the surface change, this ball has become a completely different animal. If I decide that I want to use this ball on heavier oil, I’ll throw the box finish back on it or even take it down a little more.

Full Review:

Wow! I drilled this X pin down below my bridge, cg kicked with no xtra hole and this ball is incredible! The one concern I had when I joined the Global team was if I could find a replacement for my beloved IQ Tour Solids. The X does the trick almost flawlessly if not even better. I feel that I have even more control at the breakpoint with the X but the hitting power is still incredible. Out of box finish may be a little too much for some unless you’re intended purpose is to use this ball on oil. With the 2500 grit neat “A” finish I could use this ball on fresh house or sport shorts depending on the angles I wanted to play. In order to use this ball later in the day once the lanes have opened up a bit, I retouched up the ball with a used 2000 pad and put a light polish on top. The X really came alive after this! The X went from being an earlier rolling control ball to a clean through the front and power on the backend ball! The versatility of this ball just amazes me. I can use the X going up the lane on fresh with surface or swing the ball from inside on burn with a little polish and there’s no loss of hitting power in sight. This ball is going to be a major player on tons of conditions. The core is something special and I hope that global continues to wrap this core with more and more covers. I’d kill to see this core wrapped in a Black Ops S70 cover! I can see the X making it into my tournament travel bag for a long time to come and it will definitely be making the trip with me to nationals in Reno this year as well as all of my PBA stops. If you want versatility with hitting power from a single ball, you’re going to find it with the X!

Area of Lane and Patterns Typically Used On:

This ball hooks just as much as anything else in my arsenal out of box which really surprised me. After I tamed out the cover just a little bit, the X became really versatile! With this X and this layout, I like to use this ball once my earlier equipment reads too early. I typically don’t like to get much farther left on the lane than 20 with my pin down equipment but this ball makes the rare exception where I really feel comfortable from any angle. Again, VERSATILE!

Position Ball Fits In Arsenal:

I like to fit my X’s between my Black Ops and my Respect Pearl as this ball has quickly found its way into my typical tournament bag! I’ve had to tweak the cover quite a bit to make them fit in the right way but they respond extremely well to surface changes and now fit perfectly in this spot. With my softer release I typically prefer solids over pearls until the fronts are extremely burnt up. I can use the X in this way even as the heads start to go simply by moving left and still have confidence that it will turn the corner and hit hard. So far, I haven’t found many instances where I even need to ball down to my cleaner Respect Pearl.

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Other Info:

In addition to being a 900 Global, AMF300, and 3G staff member, I am the pro shop manager at The Professional Approach Pro Shop in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and run my own blog at BillyGrantBowling.com

Thru my blog you can contact me, follow me throughout all of my bowling journeys, and even find a more in-depth review of this very ball!

I will be updating with more and more content all the time, so check back often!