900 Global Dream On (Pin Up)

Ball Info

Company: 900 Global

Name: Dream On (#2 Pin Up)

Cover: 74 Response Hybrid

Box Finish: 4000 pad

Core: Identity Asymmetric

Weight of Ball Reviewed: 15lbs

Rg: 2.48

Differential: 0.054

Intermediate Differential: 0.024


Bowler Info

Name: Billy Grant

Affiliations: 900 Global, AMF300, and 3G staff member

Rev Rate: 400

Speed: 16mph

PAP: 4 9/16>1/2^

Average: 230+


Dual Angle:


This layout for me places the pin just above my bridge and the mass bias just to the right of my thumb with no xtra hole needed.

Layout Intended Purpose:

This layout for me is later rolling and flippier on the backend. I like to utilize it on broken down conditions when the fronts start to dry up and I need more push. This is a good drill for the Dream On combined with some polish when you want to get it through the fronts while still having a strong asymmetric roll and great hit even when the fronts get touchy.

Surfaces Used On Ball:

Since I drilled this ball specifically to compliment my pin down Dream On by being cleaner thru the fronts and harder on the backend, I keep this ball shiny. Typically I like my shiny equipment with a base of 2000 and polish on top of that. If I go too high with my base grit (such as 4000) with polish, the ball becomes very over under unless I’m bowling on extremely scorched or super high friction lanes.

Full Review:

Dream On update as now I’ve drilled a 2nd one to compliment my 1st!

I drilled my 2nd Dream On pin up to compliment my pin down Dream On. I loved my first one so much that I decided to add a pin up to my arsenal for when I need more push through the fronts and more angle on the backend. This works great for me because I prefer to try to stay with stronger cores for as long as possible. Strong cores tend to hit harder but they also have a bad habit of bleeding energy quicker when the lanes do dry out. Even with how strong this core is, the hybrid cover coupled with the pin up drill and polish allows this ball to glide through the heads with ease. This Dream On shines for me when I have to get left of 4th arrow and craves being thrown cross-lane. The Dream On does crave heavier oil but is versatile enough to work on a tremendous amount of patterns. Recently I’ve had success with both Dream Ons on a 45ft sport shot pattern they’ve been laying out in my Sunday evening sport league. I can start with my pin down at about 800 grit and that works great for about two games before either the fronts are gone or I’m pushed too far left and need more pop in the back. These two balls complement each other perfectly well as I expected and are really versatile! Don’t be afraid to put your favorite layout and surface on this ball. It will respond very well and you will love this ball as much as I do!

Area of Lane and Patterns Typically Used On:

I drilled this ball for a specific purpose and only use it for that purpose. This ball is my horse when longer patterns start to burn in the front and I need to get left. This ball is designed for medium-heavy patterns and my layout and finish on this specific Dream On places it in a very specific position. If the pattern is longer and I’m left of 20, you can be sure that I’ve got this ball in my hands!

Position Ball Fits In Arsenal:

Again, this ball was drilled for a very specific reason. It fits perfectly behind my pin down Dream On. Yes, I have it listed above my Respect Solids but this Dream On is in a specific place for when I want the same Dream On shape but need to get left with more push and pop than my pin down. If I want to change overall reaction shape then I will skip the pin up and go to either the Respect Solid or Black Ops. But if my pin down is striking like crazy, I’ll be sure to go to the pin up and have no fear of losing energy from getting too deep on the lane.

Currently it sits in my typical arsenal like this:

Dream On (pin down) > Dream On (pin up) > Respect Solid (pin down) > Respect Solid (pin up) > Black Ops (pin down) > Black Ops (pin up) > X (pin down) > X (pin up) > Respect Pearl

Other Info:

In addition to being a 900 Global, AMF300, and 3G staff member, I am the pro shop manager at The Professional Approach Pro Shop in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and run my own blog at BillyGrantBowling.com

Thru my blog you can contact me, follow me throughout all of my bowling journeys, and even find a more in-depth review of this very ball!

I will be updating with more and more content all the time, so check back often!