900 Global Black Ops

Ball Info

Company: 900 Global

Name: Black Ops (#1 pin down)

Cover: S70 Solid

Box Finish: 1500 grit polished

Core: Break Asymmetric

Weight of Ball Reviewed: 15lbs

Rg: 2.48

Differential: 0.058

Intermediate Differential: 0.021


Bowler Info

Name: Billy Grant

Affiliations: 900 Global, AMF300, and 3G staff member

Rev Rate: 400

Speed: 16mph

PAP: 4 9/16>1/2^

Average: 230+



Dual Angle:


This layout places the pin just under my bridge with the mass bias just to the right of my thumb. (NEED XTRA HOLE INFORMATION)

Layout Intended Purpose:

This pin under bridge layout is my favorite layout due to its versatility. I prefer more control in the midlane over backend snap and that’s exactly what this layout does for me. Because pin down layouts are earlier rolling in nature, it will require moving left sooner than pin ups will. I prefer this so that I can open up the lane. What to watch for though is the flat 10. Flat 10 tells me that I either need to ball down to a cover that is cleaner through the front or switch to a pin up drill.

Surfaces Used On Ball:

I originally left the 1500 grit polished box finish on this ball. At first, I didn’t like the ball reaction at all. It was a lot longer than I expected which didn’t make sense to me considering the low 2.48 rg and super high .058 diff!! So I immediately brought it down to 800 grit thinking that this ball should theoretically be stronger than my Dream On. The 800 grit definitely helped the ball get into an earlier roll but it was quite different than the Dream On or anything I had expected- not bad, by any means, just different. What I quickly learned is that it is the S70 cover utilized on the Black Ops that makes this ball so CLEAN. Once I understood this, the Black Ops started to shine! I have used this ball as low as 500 grit dull and as high as 3000 shiny and no matter what surface I put on this ball, the Black Ops is clean! The S70 has quickly become my favorite cover due to how clean it is and the continuation it creates! Don’t be afraid to put your favorite surface on this ball.

Full Review:

The Black Ops was the biggest surprise to me in the 900 Global line. Looking at the core specs, having a low rg and super high differential, I expected this ball to be a heavy rolling oil ball that I wouldn’t be able to use very often. Wow, how wrong I turned out to be! The Black Ops has actually become my benchmark ball and is one of the cleanest, smoothest, and most predictable balls I have ever thrown from any brand. The Break Asymmetric core is super strong and flares as much as any ball I’ve ever seen, but in my opinion, it’s the S70 cover that really allows the Black Ops to stand out! The cover makes this ball extremely clean through the fronts but isn’t overly flippy on the backend. The predictability of the Black Ops fits into my arsenal perfectly as a middle benchmark ball. Due to the cover strength of the Dream On and Respect Solid, they handle oil just a little bit better than my Black Ops but the BO handles better on oil than my X. Overall the Black Ops is by far one of my favorite balls of all time. I really hope that Global continues the line and puts the S70 cover on balls in different lines too (wink wink nudge nudge X)… Don’t be afraid to drill a Black Ops with your favorite drill and use it as a benchmark ball. It covers a wide variety and reacts well on every pattern up to the utmost extremes! Get a Black Ops, you won’t be sorry!

Area of Lane and Patterns Typically Used On:

I literally use this Black Ops on everything. It is the most versatile ball in the Global line. Even though the core is super aggressive, the clean cover allows me to continue play even on shorter patterns. The only thing the Black Ops won’t work on is the extremes – either extremely long or extremely short shots. Anything in between though and this ball will shine. As I move farther left on the lane, I rarely see energy loss through the pins since most typical shots have a good amount of volume in the front part of the lane. If I am bowling on something with lower volume I’m able to switch to my pin up Black Ops and have confidence that it will go through the pins the right way.

Position Ball Fits In Arsenal:

The pin down Black Ops is my benchmark ball and is always the first ball out of my bag to test the pattern when I don’t have any prior knowledge. I have my Black Ops set up in the middle of my arsenal and gives me a great read to know quickly whether I need to ball up or ball down.

Currently it sits in my typical arsenal like this:

Dream On (pin down) > Dream On (pin up) > Respect Solid (pin down) > Respect Solid (pin up) > Black Ops (pin down) > Black Ops (pin up) > X (pin down) > X (pin up) > Respect Pearl


Other Info:

In addition to being a 900 Global, AMF300, and 3G staff member, I am the pro shop manager at The Professional Approach Pro Shop in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and run my own blog at BillyGrantBowling.com

Thru my blog you can contact me, follow me throughout all of my bowling journeys, and even find a more in-depth review of this very ball!

I will be updating with more and more content all the time, so check back often!