Comfort Zone

Yo yo yo NickelNation, what is up?!

Today was pretty great! Got an awesome practice in, saw lots of improvement and increased confidence during today’s lesson, started prep and strats for the NMO, and got a ton of editing done on the Amarillo vlog.

Today I decided to do some breakpoint accuracy practice by placing 3 pieces of tape down at the breakpoint to shoot at. I placed them at the 3 board, 7 board, and 11 board at about 40 feet. I focused on making extremely pure shots and pretending that I was bowling on a US Open-like pattern. I’m the type of person that buckles down and performs better when situations are tougher. I think that’s one reason why I struggle on house shots because I perceive them as too easy and a waste of time. So I’ve found that if I imagine that I’m on an extremely tough pattern, with all the eyes in the world watching me, that I perform to the best of my ability. I always bowl well when I’m being watched or I am on a livestream pair, so I’m gonna remember this thought process and use it during the NMO next week and see how it goes. Definitely not something that works for everyone but it works for me.

Anyway, I left the tape on the lanes for my lesson and had my student do the same thing. After a few shots, she realized that she could easily break out of her comfort zones when she had a clear road map in front of her.

After that, started work in the lab and the ball drilling parade has started. Everyone is getting vamped up for the Open which means that I am going to be really busy punching holes in all these rocks. Didn’t want to forget about myself in all the madness so I started getting myself prepped too. Don’t know what the pattern will be yet but I know the intent will be to force the high rev guys to play straighter. Whatever that means.. We’ll see next week.. Not sure if it can be done but I wanna be open for anything.

After work in the Lab, started in depth editing of the Amarillo vlog and I must say that it’s coming together nicely. It makes me laugh hysterically ┬ájust trying to edit it and I hope that you all enjoy it too. I definitely will be doing another one all next week during the NMO and I can’t wait to see what comes of it all.

But that’s gonna do it for me today, gonna hit up two practice sessions tomorrow, one in the morning, and one at night. Looking forward to perfecting this great feel that I have right now and keep it going into next week.

Big things coming, I can feel it!

Until next time, keep dropping those nickels, nation!

Peace! -DrPankl