Movin and Shakin

Howdy NickelNation!

Had a nice hour and a half practice this morning with Igor. Went well, this close to a tournament all I’m really working on is being solid at the line and repeating shots. Making sure that my lines are as straight as can be from every point on the lane. My focus is a straight push and forward facing 2nd step as well as making constant grip pressure throughout the swing. This really makes my swing one piece and under control.

Gave two lessons after practice that went really well. It’s extremely difficult to teach others to get their hand under the ball through the swing without them spinning around the ball but my students today did a pretty great job!

Igor and I did a little shopping for this weekend,  trying to find something a little ridiculous to wear since there’s not a dress code! So far we have some mid-thigh swim trunks and Polo Shirt. Next we gotta find some crazy socks and matching headbands! We’re gonna stand out just a wee bit.

Also ordered a bigger sd card for my phone so that I can record as much of the action as possible this weekend! Gonna be a great time, can’t wait!

Back on the grind in the morning with practice and another lesson! Gotta put in the work for the things I want!

Till next time, keep dropping those nickels! Peace!