Sunday Tater Twirling

What up NickelNation?!

Did some tater twirlin’ over the weekend in the NMO free entry sweeper and my Sunday night sport shot league. My goals for the sweeper were to average 220+ with a 90% pocket percentage. I greatly struggle with over under on our house shot but hopefully working on straightening out my lines will cure most of that.

The tournament format was 6 games and then cut to the top 3 for a stepladder with the winner getting a free entry. I started out very promising at plus 124 after the first four games and sitting in 3rd place. But the next pair would prove to be brutal. I had some ridiculous over under and never made the correct adjustments. I went 188 and 200 to finish out at plus 112. Just enough to miss the top 3 by 17 sticks. Cool. The tournament leader went on to win his stepladder match for the spot and boy did he strike a ton! I just don’t know how to keep up with these guys on a house shot.

My stats were a 218 average and 85% pocket percentage. Just under my goal numbers. Although, even if I perfectly hit my goal numbers, I still would have been just outside the cut line. I also flagged a 9 pin off of an approach stick and also missed another 10 pin. Gotta work on spare shooting now that my lines are straighter since it seems to have thrown something off.

Bowled league later that night where I’m leading by one point.

Leading by 1 point. Not sure how they spelled my name wrong..
Leading by 1 point. Not sure how they spelled my name wrong..

I started out the league very strong holding a huge lead over second, but as the weeks went on, I lost focus and started to slip. Winner of the league gets a free spot into the Open and I hate paying for tournaments, so I decided to actually prepare and step it up. Still bowling on Rome and it was playing slick! Used my Dream Big Solid the entire time which is sanded to 500. Looked pretty good for the first 3 games for 641 and then ran out of steam the last game for 182 with 3 washouts. My pocket percentage was 79% which isn’t horrible for that type of shot but most importantly, I came away with all 4 wins. Unfortunately the guy behind me wasn’t there so I’ll have to wait till next week when he makes up to see how many points ahead I’ll be. But at least I secured stating a minimum of 1 point ahead with only 2 weeks left.

An interesting thing happened during league! There was a pin on the right lane that looked like it had a large burn mark across its belly. Not something that I’ve never seen before so it didn’t really concern me. This pin happened to come up in the headpin position and I stupidly decided not to re-rack it. I pured the shot and left a pocket 7-10! After league, I decided to run down there and see what was up with the pin. It turned out to be duct tape all over the pin! I unwrapped it to see if maybe the pin was broken and the mechanics decided to do some crappy repair job. After peeling it off, I discovered that the pin was completely fine and apparently it had picked up the tape from somewhere on in the back. Strange but sadly not all that surprising.

Taped Up Bowling Pin
Taped Up Bowling Pin

Well that’s gonna do it for me today, practice in the morning followed up by 2 lessons immediately after! Gotta stay on that grind, I’m gonna fight for the things that I want! Until then, keep dropping those nickels! Peace!