That Friday Grind

Nickel Nation, how’s it going on this glorious Friday?!

Had a great practice this morning with Igor! Been struggling as always with feel and getting my touch back so I went back to basics and worked strictly on my lines. I always have a bad habit of trying to cheat my armswing by opening up early and rotating my shoulders. It causes me to over rotate on the release and in turn spin around the ball instead roll through it. Mike Miller and I have put a ton of time into my lines and it’s always the first thing I go back to cheating on. So a good 2 hours of strictly line time felt pretty great. Straight walk and straight swing opens up my game to every possibility on the lanes. From the right starting point and clean lines, I have no problem playing dead up the twig or swinging the entire lane from in front of the ball return.

I’m super stoked about today’s practice and can’t wait to get back to it hopefully tomorrow. Probably gonna bowl a New Mexico Open sweeper on Sunday even though I plan on winning a spot through my Sunday night sport league.

Also planned on getting a video of today’s practice uploaded with this post but the app I use on my phone isn’t working the way I want it to so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


Good luck to the Rio Rancho High School bowling team tomorrow at Nationals!