It’s Raining Billz!!!!

Yo yo yo what’s up there Nickel Nation?!

Breaking news, Scott Wiley (TeamNickel Igor) has just shot his second 300 in less than a week subbing in a league as I write this! Igor is absolutely on fire lately! Congrats buddy! Looks like he was using his IQ30 again. I believe someone caught a video of it so I’ll try to get that posted as soon as I get my hands on it.

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged and I apologize. It’s been pretty crazy busy in the lab and I’ve been putting in 12 hour work days which includes 2 lessons yesterday and 2 lessons today.

Got our Rio Rancho High School kids safely to Fort Lauderdale for the high school national tournament and they start competition Saturday with singles and Sunday with doubles. Wish I could be out there with them, I have very fond memories of Fort Lauderdale when I was out there for Jr Gold back in the day. It was the only Jr Gold cut that I ever made and I got to cross with John Sczerbinski. I believe I actually qualified higher than he did, but I bowled horrible in semi’s and he went on and bowled like John Sczerbinski does.

Actually got in a little practice sesh this morning but I was exhausted and didn’t get too too much accomplished. What’s frustrating is that if I miss even a single day of bowling, my feel and touch is completely thrown off. This is really frustrating for me because I’ve always considered myself a great feel player but it takes so much to get myself into the right feel. I’ve been told countless times that it’s just in my head and I don’t throw the ball any different but to me I can feel every difference and it drives me INSANE! UGH

But gonna work on it tomorrow till I post every shot and it feels like butter off of my hand. Only a week until me and Igor go try to wreck Amarillo and take home 3-G’s. (The money, not the shoes, I’m sponsored by 3G so I’ve already got the shoes! …see what I did there?! Sorry, I’m done!) Anyway, the tournament is on their house shot which typically is not my favorite as I’ve blogged about before, but since Igor is on such a tear lately, as long as I can average around 220+ I think we have a great great great chance at taking home that gold. Looking to do some behind the scenes vlogging too so make sure you look out for that on my new youtube page billygrantbowling.

I’m gonna go hit the sack since it’s now 1am as I edit this and gonna meet Igor at 11 for our sesh. So until next time, keep dropping those nickels! Peace!