Mellow Monday

Hey keglers, what’s up and hope this Monday has treated you well.

Not a ton to report today as it was filled mostly with work in The Lab trying to get Rio Rancho High School ready for the national tournament. They leave for Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday and it’s been a never ending stream of drilling, baking, and resurfacing.

Decided not to practice this morning, woke up early and felt like death and decided to sleep in. Been only getting 4-6 hours of sleep the last four nights in a row and it’s started to take its toll. All of the successful self help type of guru’s say that 8 hours is a must, so I need to figure out how to make that necessary. Feel like a bum because I haven’t practiced and haven’t gotten my butt in the gym. But hopefully by telling all of you how much of a slacker I am, it’ll give me motivation to make sure I stay true to my word.

To try to make up for the lack of work, I put together a small video of some shots of me throwing the 900 Global Special Ops, Inception, and Drift that I’ll link to below. Tomorrow I have another lesson with my Cibola High School bowler and work after. Not sure yet if I’ll spend the morning doing much needed shopping for essentials or go in and practice beforehand. Need to shop but really want to be solid for the upcoming string of 3 tournaments in a row in August. Going to Amarillo with Igor for doubles, then the New Mexico Open, followed by a PBA regional in Mesa, Arizona the week after. Guess if I get up early enough, I can accomplish shopping and practice. Sounds like a plan!

That’s it for today! Until next time, keep dropping those nickels! G’bye!