Project (900 Global) X

Hello and welcome to my blog,! Here, I will give updates and information on my bowling journey and experiences! To start, I have ordered a couple of new balls from 900 Global, the X!

900Global X
900Global X







I’m going to drill them differently and see just what the hype is about them!

The first X will be a pin down drill and the second pin up. The dual angle layout will roughly come out to 55×4 1/2×70 for the pin down and 50×4 7/8×40 for the pin up!

900Global X #1 & #2 55x4 1/2x70 & 50x4 7/8x40
900Global X #1 & #2
55×4 1/2×70 & 50×4 7/8×40








Planning on drilling these up hopefully tomorrow so that I can use them this weekend for a tournament in Espanola, NM!