NMO Week of Recovery

Hello NickelNation!

It’s been a while and I apologize. The NMO week definitely did not go as planned. Honestly it was really stressful and I didn’t feel it was really worthy of blogging about.

Started with Monday sweeper where I finished just outside of the money in 4th. Got a feel of the pattern which was pretty scorable in my opinion when you make good shots. Wednesday sweeper was just another feel of the pattern. After 2 games, I knew I couldn’t really win so I ball changed a bunch for the last two games. Nothing special.. Then the “fun” started. Thursday was my birthday and it was a little slice of hell for me. I got to the lab at 2 and immediately I was behind the drill press. 7 and a half hours later and more balls than I can count, I was mostly done. My head was spinning after a while with all the balls I churned out for strictly NMO competitors.

My squad wasn’t until Saturday afternoon and after all the work I put in on Thursday and Friday, I was mentally and physically fried. My game plan was to not have a game plan! No thinking allowed and just try to make shots.. Well, 8 games later and 106 pins in the negative, and I was done with my NMO. I really didn’t bowl bad but my low game was 175 and my high game was 198.. Never carried and split every game. Lots of fun.. Frustrated but honestly I knew it was a work weekend and that I wouldn’t be able to fully focus on the game. I can give you the details of my qualifying round but it’s pretty boring and more of the same.

The good thing though is that it has determined me to get better and increase my power. Gotta figure out how to carry more than 2 shots in a row. I put in a lot of hard work and I’m not gonna call it quits now.

Just to add to my motivation to get better, I got an email yesterday and I’m proud to announce that I AM NOW A VISE STAFF MEMBER! Yep, you heard it here first, I have joined TeamNickel Igor and I will be representing VISEInserts from here on out!

Really exciting stuff and happy to be on the team! Also really excited because Igor and I will be traveling to Mesa, Arizona tomorrow to compete in the PBA regional there! It’s on Shark which is traditionally one of my better patterns and I feel that I’ll be able to concentrate better out there than I was able to at home for the NMO.

We’re also planning on doing some vlogging out there so it’s gonna be a lot of fun! I had planned to vlog for the NMO as you all know, but with how busy I was just for work, I felt that I literally had zero time to do so. So I apologize for that but I plan to be back full force blogging and vlogging here on out!

Thanks for following along NickelNation, it’s gonna be a fun ride! Until next time (which hopefully will be from my phone while in Mesa), keep dropping those nickels! Peace!

-900 Global and VISEInserts staff member, DrPankl

TeamNickel Goes to Texas part 3: The Struggle is Real!

Yo NickelNation, how’s your Tuesday?

Short update today, got part 3 of the vlog uploaded which I’ll paste below. Also did a little intro with TeamNickel Bubbles this morning for the NMO. Gonna be a great week and can’t wait to see what comes of the vlog.

Got a little R&R tomorrow, gonna play some stick and ball on the links with Igor, our buddy Ben from the West Texas bowling team, and Tyler Jensen of Storm. May record some vlog footage then as well, we’ll see how it goes!

I was asked to be a pro for the NMO ProAm tomorrow at 8 where I will also be debuting the first of my three new High5 jerseys!

Gonna be a ton of fun, lets get this week going!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


TeamNickel Goes to Texas part 2: The Tournament

Hey NickelNation! Hope your Monday has been great!

Short update today, got part 2 of the Amarillo vlog up and running on YouTube which I’ll post below. Also, managed to pull out the win in my Sunday Night Sport League! FREE ENTRY BABY! The way that the points worked out, I ended up only needing one win out of four to secure the spot. I ended up winning three and that was all she wrote!

Also bowled the first NMO sweeper tonight. It was on the first version of the NMO pattern. I can honestly say that so far, it isn’t all that bad. I went minus 20 for 4  and finished 4th but that could have been much much higher if it wasn’t for some awful spare shooting. My 900 Global Dream Big Solid was the ball of choice and I struck a ton! I’m sure the pattern will be changed here shortly but for now, as long as I got my breakpoint to about 7 or 8 with a lot of forward roll, it was great!

Gonna do some vlog prep in the morning and then start drilling a ton of pieces in the lab for some customers. This is going to be a great New Mexico Open, and I hope you all enjoy it with me!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels, friends!

TeamNickel Goes to Texas part 1: The Trip

Alright NickelNation, it is time!

Finally got the vlog edited and part 1 is now up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! It’s my first ever attempt at a vlog and my phone camera isn’t the very best but not to to horrible I hope. Igor and I had a really fun time creating this and I’d like to continue doing it throughout my travels. Next up is the NMOpen and I’ll try to get some footage and insight from the competitors throughout the tournament.

On a side note, tomorrow is the local USBC awards banquet and then the final night of league right after. Gotta win some matches to guarantee my free entry into the NMO. I’ll give an update after along with part 2 of the vlog!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


Comfort Zone

Yo yo yo NickelNation, what is up?!

Today was pretty great! Got an awesome practice in, saw lots of improvement and increased confidence during today’s lesson, started prep and strats for the NMO, and got a ton of editing done on the Amarillo vlog.

Today I decided to do some breakpoint accuracy practice by placing 3 pieces of tape down at the breakpoint to shoot at. I placed them at the 3 board, 7 board, and 11 board at about 40 feet. I focused on making extremely pure shots and pretending that I was bowling on a US Open-like pattern. I’m the type of person that buckles down and performs better when situations are tougher. I think that’s one reason why I struggle on house shots because I perceive them as too easy and a waste of time. So I’ve found that if I imagine that I’m on an extremely tough pattern, with all the eyes in the world watching me, that I perform to the best of my ability. I always bowl well when I’m being watched or I am on a livestream pair, so I’m gonna remember this thought process and use it during the NMO next week and see how it goes. Definitely not something that works for everyone but it works for me.

Anyway, I left the tape on the lanes for my lesson and had my student do the same thing. After a few shots, she realized that she could easily break out of her comfort zones when she had a clear road map in front of her.

After that, started work in the lab and the ball drilling parade has started. Everyone is getting vamped up for the Open which means that I am going to be really busy punching holes in all these rocks. Didn’t want to forget about myself in all the madness so I started getting myself prepped too. Don’t know what the pattern will be yet but I know the intent will be to force the high rev guys to play straighter. Whatever that means.. We’ll see next week.. Not sure if it can be done but I wanna be open for anything.

After work in the Lab, started in depth editing of the Amarillo vlog and I must say that it’s coming together nicely. It makes me laugh hysterically  just trying to edit it and I hope that you all enjoy it too. I definitely will be doing another one all next week during the NMO and I can’t wait to see what comes of it all.

But that’s gonna do it for me today, gonna hit up two practice sessions tomorrow, one in the morning, and one at night. Looking forward to perfecting this great feel that I have right now and keep it going into next week.

Big things coming, I can feel it!

Until next time, keep dropping those nickels, nation!

Peace! -DrPankl



Back Home

Good evening NickelNation!

Back home and getting back into the grind of things after the weekend in Amarillo. I took a lot of video and will be uploading the completed vlog here soon. Therefore, I’m not going to go into a ridiculous amount of detail on the tournament and just give the main points.

Igor and I had a great day on Saturday during qualifying. We finished up in 6th on the day out of 48 teams so were sitting pretty. I used my pin down 900 Global Black Ops to start and went with my pin up Black Ops to finish. I had a chance at 300 at one point but flat 10’d the 11th for 289. Igor used his 900 Global Dream On (pin up) for most of the day and he had some monster games that really kept us going.

Day two was a completely different story. The lanes played a lot tighter which totally took the gutter out of play for me which had looked so good on Saturday! I moved in with the pin down B.O. and had to just pure shots to get it close. If I missed it at all at the bottom, the ball would never hook and smack the 3,6 in the face. So then I’d make sure that I get through it the right way and the ball would go face. Lot’s of over-under which I always seem to see on house shots. The carry was the real story though as me and Igor could not get all 10 to fall consistently. The racks were pretty consistently pinched and it was so easy to flat 10. Even re-racking didn’t help because it was just a consistent issue with the racks. Even with the issue, we tried to stay positive but were fighting an uphill battle. Scores from the top stayed pretty big for the most part while we were falling apart.

We dropped all the way to 12th for the last cash spot but at least made money back. The tournament itself was a ton of fun, met a lot of great people, and was run very very well. Thank you to Trey Sledge and Eastridge lanes for putting on the event and we can’t wait to come back.

After the tournament we booked it back home so that I could make it to the Sunday Sport League. I’m still in the lead by a point and a half with 2 weeks to go so I had to make sure that I was there and prepared to bowl my best. Still on the long Rome pattern and I’m guessing because of all the games bowled this weekend and the fact that it was so tight, I felt great! I used my 900G Dream Big sanded to 500 and made great shots. I won my first 3 games handily and was sitting at 700 when all of a sudden, the power went out in the bowl! Come to find out, almost the entire city went dark and was out for a couple of hours. Soooo, league is postponed until next Sunday. Gonna have to make up that last game, get the lanes re-oiled and then roll off for the championship. Usually leagues don’t get me fired up but just the fact that I know that people are now following me along on this journey, it’s gotten me a little bit more pumped up.

Sorry again for not posting in a while, trying to get that vlog up soon. Looking forward to some good practice and then head into the New Mexico Open week in a few days. Definitely one of the most hectic but enjoyable weeks of the year since it always lands on my birthday  and I get to see all of my bowling friends from around the country!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels! Peeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaacccccceeeeee!

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Almost Go Time!

NickelNation it’s almost that time!

Packed up today, got my equipment prepped and surfaced and now to do a little more laundry before we take off! Planning on leaving tomorrow around 10 but don’t really have to be there until the evening for the sweeper. Gonna be taking a lot of pics and videos on the trip. Should have the pics uploaded pretty quickly but I expect I won’t be putting up the video till probably Tuesday because I’ll have a lot of editing to do.

I’ll be updating as we go along, so check back!

Until manana, keep dropping those nickels!


House Shot Breakthrough!

Hello my lovely NickelNation!

Hope everyone had as lovely a Wednesday today as I have! Kicked off the day with a lesson this morning with a new student that went very well! Was planning on practicing beforehand but woke up a little late and decided to just practice after the leagues finished tonight. Well, that plan changed too when I was asked to sub in the league on the same team that Igor was subbing on. I jumped at the opportunity to get a little competitive house shot practice in before Amarillo and I’m glad I did!

Was my first time subbing in this league this season so I was establishing average. It’s a 4 game – trios handicap league bowled on fresh. Decided to start with my 900 Global X (pin down) and go pretty straight up 10. Felt a little wobbly at first so my main goal was to just walk straight, push straight, and swing straight. Put a few strikes together for 232 game 1. Transition struck and I couldn’t carry anything for 7 frames. Switched to my Black Ops (pin down) to give my a little more dig in the midlane and backend and ended up tripling for 196. Game 3 saw one open frame including a flagged 4 pin (loose thumbhole, dropped the ball) and a bunch of strikes for 243. Game 4 I started with the front 7 still using the Black Ops and just inching further and further left until a strange crossover 3 pin stopped me. I threw a good shot so I was shocked when the ball jumped. Moved 5 more left on my next shot on that lane and went 10 back. Finished up with a 939 set for a 234 average and 89% pocket percentage. Exactly the way I’d like to see things go in Amarillo. I learned that I need to be aware of transition sooner and stop trying to pure shots and just make the adjustment!

Gonna do double practice sessions tomorrow including a lesson and then it’s on the road to Texas Friday morning. We got our outfits pieced together and we’re gonna look.. err.. smashing!! Gonna be a great time, make sure you follow along!

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


Movin and Shakin

Howdy NickelNation!

Had a nice hour and a half practice this morning with Igor. Went well, this close to a tournament all I’m really working on is being solid at the line and repeating shots. Making sure that my lines are as straight as can be from every point on the lane. My focus is a straight push and forward facing 2nd step as well as making constant grip pressure throughout the swing. This really makes my swing one piece and under control.

Gave two lessons after practice that went really well. It’s extremely difficult to teach others to get their hand under the ball through the swing without them spinning around the ball but my students today did a pretty great job!

Igor and I did a little shopping for this weekend,  trying to find something a little ridiculous to wear since there’s not a dress code! So far we have some mid-thigh swim trunks and Polo Shirt. Next we gotta find some crazy socks and matching headbands! We’re gonna stand out just a wee bit.

Also ordered a bigger sd card for my phone so that I can record as much of the action as possible this weekend! Gonna be a great time, can’t wait!

Back on the grind in the morning with practice and another lesson! Gotta put in the work for the things I want!

Till next time, keep dropping those nickels! Peace!


Sunday Tater Twirling

What up NickelNation?!

Did some tater twirlin’ over the weekend in the NMO free entry sweeper and my Sunday night sport shot league. My goals for the sweeper were to average 220+ with a 90% pocket percentage. I greatly struggle with over under on our house shot but hopefully working on straightening out my lines will cure most of that.

The tournament format was 6 games and then cut to the top 3 for a stepladder with the winner getting a free entry. I started out very promising at plus 124 after the first four games and sitting in 3rd place. But the next pair would prove to be brutal. I had some ridiculous over under and never made the correct adjustments. I went 188 and 200 to finish out at plus 112. Just enough to miss the top 3 by 17 sticks. Cool. The tournament leader went on to win his stepladder match for the spot and boy did he strike a ton! I just don’t know how to keep up with these guys on a house shot.

My stats were a 218 average and 85% pocket percentage. Just under my goal numbers. Although, even if I perfectly hit my goal numbers, I still would have been just outside the cut line. I also flagged a 9 pin off of an approach stick and also missed another 10 pin. Gotta work on spare shooting now that my lines are straighter since it seems to have thrown something off.

Bowled league later that night where I’m leading by one point.

Leading by 1 point. Not sure how they spelled my name wrong..
Leading by 1 point. Not sure how they spelled my name wrong..

I started out the league very strong holding a huge lead over second, but as the weeks went on, I lost focus and started to slip. Winner of the league gets a free spot into the Open and I hate paying for tournaments, so I decided to actually prepare and step it up. Still bowling on Rome and it was playing slick! Used my Dream Big Solid the entire time which is sanded to 500. Looked pretty good for the first 3 games for 641 and then ran out of steam the last game for 182 with 3 washouts. My pocket percentage was 79% which isn’t horrible for that type of shot but most importantly, I came away with all 4 wins. Unfortunately the guy behind me wasn’t there so I’ll have to wait till next week when he makes up to see how many points ahead I’ll be. But at least I secured stating a minimum of 1 point ahead with only 2 weeks left.

An interesting thing happened during league! There was a pin on the right lane that looked like it had a large burn mark across its belly. Not something that I’ve never seen before so it didn’t really concern me. This pin happened to come up in the headpin position and I stupidly decided not to re-rack it. I pured the shot and left a pocket 7-10! After league, I decided to run down there and see what was up with the pin. It turned out to be duct tape all over the pin! I unwrapped it to see if maybe the pin was broken and the mechanics decided to do some crappy repair job. After peeling it off, I discovered that the pin was completely fine and apparently it had picked up the tape from somewhere on in the back. Strange but sadly not all that surprising.

Taped Up Bowling Pin
Taped Up Bowling Pin

Well that’s gonna do it for me today, practice in the morning followed up by 2 lessons immediately after! Gotta stay on that grind, I’m gonna fight for the things that I want! Until then, keep dropping those nickels! Peace!




Practice Video Upload

Good evening Nickel Nation, hope this weekend is treating you well so far!

I figured out how to edit my practice video on my phone and got that uploaded to YouTube. Sorry about the lack of transitions, music, or effects. Gonna look into a good easy-to-use video editor and hopefully get good at making some awesome videos for you all!

So, as it says in the video description, I’m using my 900 Global Boost Hybrid (pin down) and my Respect Solid (pin up). Neither of these balls are in my typical tournament arsenal and I thought it would be good to practice with equipment that I’m not entirely comfortable with. This video is in no way a ball review and certainly not designed to glamorize the equipment or myself. That being said, these balls do roll extremely well, they’re just more condition specific for me which is why I don’t always take them everywhere. But again, this video is just a companion to this blog to show how my practices go and what I work on.

During this practice, I was strictly working on my lines and trying to keep my walk and my swing going forward without allowing my shoulders to rotate too too open. In the video, if you pay attention to my second step, you’ll notice that when my foot opens to the right, my hips and shoulders open up, my swing goes behind my back, and in return, I over rotate at release and my follow through goes to the left of my head. Not an extremely bad thing as you’ll see plenty of PBA pros with this type of follow through but they are doing it on purpose and not as a result of an early, over-rotation of the release. You’ll see that when my second step is straight and right in front of my left foot, it keeps my hips and swing straight, and it puts me in a much better position at release with my elbow in and my follow through going directly to my breakpoint. This also makes me roll through the ball a lot better, raises my track closer to my fingers and thumb, and creates a much more powerful bowling ball for me personally. Not something that completely works for everyone but with my string-bean body type, I have to keep my lines under control or else I will just spray shots all over the lane and then get frustrated when I pure one for 9.

Decided that I will bowl the sweeper tomorrow morning because I want a good house shot tune-up for Amarillo next week with Igor. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Right now, since Scotty is killing it on the house china with his IQ30 at 1500 grit, I figured I would try my Black Ops and X at similar surface and see if I can get a somewhat decent look tomorrow. Would really be happy with a 220+ average and 90% pocket percentage!

Anyways, Nation, hope you learn something from the video, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Until next time, keep dropping those nickels!



That Friday Grind

Nickel Nation, how’s it going on this glorious Friday?!

Had a great practice this morning with Igor! Been struggling as always with feel and getting my touch back so I went back to basics and worked strictly on my lines. I always have a bad habit of trying to cheat my armswing by opening up early and rotating my shoulders. It causes me to over rotate on the release and in turn spin around the ball instead roll through it. Mike Miller and I have put a ton of time into my lines and it’s always the first thing I go back to cheating on. So a good 2 hours of strictly line time felt pretty great. Straight walk and straight swing opens up my game to every possibility on the lanes. From the right starting point and clean lines, I have no problem playing dead up the twig or swinging the entire lane from in front of the ball return.

I’m super stoked about today’s practice and can’t wait to get back to it hopefully tomorrow. Probably gonna bowl a New Mexico Open sweeper on Sunday even though I plan on winning a spot through my Sunday night sport league.

Also planned on getting a video of today’s practice uploaded with this post but the app I use on my phone isn’t working the way I want it to so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until then, keep dropping those nickels!


Good luck to the Rio Rancho High School bowling team tomorrow at Nationals!

It’s Raining Billz!!!!

Yo yo yo what’s up there Nickel Nation?!

Breaking news, Scott Wiley (TeamNickel Igor) has just shot his second 300 in less than a week subbing in a league as I write this! Igor is absolutely on fire lately! Congrats buddy! Looks like he was using his IQ30 again. I believe someone caught a video of it so I’ll try to get that posted as soon as I get my hands on it.

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged and I apologize. It’s been pretty crazy busy in the lab and I’ve been putting in 12 hour work days which includes 2 lessons yesterday and 2 lessons today.

Got our Rio Rancho High School kids safely to Fort Lauderdale for the high school national tournament and they start competition Saturday with singles and Sunday with doubles. Wish I could be out there with them, I have very fond memories of Fort Lauderdale when I was out there for Jr Gold back in the day. It was the only Jr Gold cut that I ever made and I got to cross with John Sczerbinski. I believe I actually qualified higher than he did, but I bowled horrible in semi’s and he went on and bowled like John Sczerbinski does.

Actually got in a little practice sesh this morning but I was exhausted and didn’t get too too much accomplished. What’s frustrating is that if I miss even a single day of bowling, my feel and touch is completely thrown off. This is really frustrating for me because I’ve always considered myself a great feel player but it takes so much to get myself into the right feel. I’ve been told countless times that it’s just in my head and I don’t throw the ball any different but to me I can feel every difference and it drives me INSANE! UGH

But gonna work on it tomorrow till I post every shot and it feels like butter off of my hand. Only a week until me and Igor go try to wreck Amarillo and take home 3-G’s. (The money, not the shoes, I’m sponsored by 3G so I’ve already got the shoes! …see what I did there?! Sorry, I’m done!) Anyway, the tournament is on their house shot which typically is not my favorite as I’ve blogged about before, but since Igor is on such a tear lately, as long as I can average around 220+ I think we have a great great great chance at taking home that gold. Looking to do some behind the scenes vlogging too so make sure you look out for that on my new youtube page billygrantbowling.

I’m gonna go hit the sack since it’s now 1am as I edit this and gonna meet Igor at 11 for our sesh. So until next time, keep dropping those nickels! Peace!



Mellow Monday

Hey keglers, what’s up and hope this Monday has treated you well.

Not a ton to report today as it was filled mostly with work in The Lab trying to get Rio Rancho High School ready for the national tournament. They leave for Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday and it’s been a never ending stream of drilling, baking, and resurfacing.

Decided not to practice this morning, woke up early and felt like death and decided to sleep in. Been only getting 4-6 hours of sleep the last four nights in a row and it’s started to take its toll. All of the successful self help type of guru’s say that 8 hours is a must, so I need to figure out how to make that necessary. Feel like a bum because I haven’t practiced and haven’t gotten my butt in the gym. But hopefully by telling all of you how much of a slacker I am, it’ll give me motivation to make sure I stay true to my word.

To try to make up for the lack of work, I put together a small video of some shots of me throwing the 900 Global Special Ops, Inception, and Drift that I’ll link to below. Tomorrow I have another lesson with my Cibola High School bowler and work after. Not sure yet if I’ll spend the morning doing much needed shopping for essentials or go in and practice beforehand. Need to shop but really want to be solid for the upcoming string of 3 tournaments in a row in August. Going to Amarillo with Igor for doubles, then the New Mexico Open, followed by a PBA regional in Mesa, Arizona the week after. Guess if I get up early enough, I can accomplish shopping and practice. Sounds like a plan!

That’s it for today! Until next time, keep dropping those nickels! G’bye!